Humboldt Stories

Humboldt Stories showcase the lifelong personal and professional impact of the Humboldt experience across a wide variety of AvH programs and disciplines. Alumni testimonials can inspire younger scientists, scholars, and professionals to seek collaborative opportunities in Germany and reassure those considering an overseas research experience that the challenges of mobile careers are surmountable.

Dr. Kirsten Traynor
BUKA (2006–2007) LAVES Institute for Bee Research in Celle, Germany
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Professor Karina Pallagst
Feodor Lynen Fellow (2001-2003) University of California, Berkeley
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Professor Nader Vossoughian
Humboldt Research Fellowship (2014-15) New York Institute of Technology
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Carles Corbella
Humboldt Research Fellow (2006-2008) The George Washington University, Washington, DC
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Deeneaus Polk
German Chancellor Fellowship (2015-16) 3LEVATE
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Robert M. Frakes
Humboldt Research Fellowship (1995-96 and 1998) California State University, Bakersfield
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