On Thin Ice: Global Impact of Climate Change in the Arctic

Part of the Transatlantic Tandem Talks (TTT) series


  • 14 March 2024
  • 12:00

Co-hosted by the University of Cologne NY Office, DWIH NY, American Friends of AvH, and partners

The Arctic is warming three times faster than the rest of our planet. The melting of ice sheets and glaciers raises concerns about global sea-level rise, while the thawing and degradation of Arctic permafrost soils may release large amounts of greenhouse gases, causing additional warming. Although Arctic change will likely impact the global climate system and society, our understanding of future developments in this environment remains limited.

The discussion featured Dr. Jannik Martens from Columbia University and Prof. Dr. Janet Rethemeyer from the University of Cologne. German Chancellor Fellowship alumna Dr. Betsy Baker moderated the discussion. The event showcased international collaborations between the University of Cologne and leading US-based institutions.


Watch the video recording of the event

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